Shirley's death discussion, etc

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I was lurking on the internets, found some interesting points.

1)Why didn't they show us the scene where Shirley is killed?
2)Why didn't he take the gun away and put it in Shirley's hands? Isn't it something normal to do as in for killing?
3)He knows that Lelouch is somewhere near, but why didn't he take care of the corpse?
4)If it's because that Shirley liked Lelouch so that Rolo killed him, shouldn't Shirley be killed in the second episode?
5)He knows that how important Shirley is to Lelouch, knowing that if he killed him, Lelouch will hate him, but why did he still do it?
6)Shirley said she was going to help Lelouch, but after she mentioned Nunally, Rolo went raepface and killed her, don't you think that doesn't suit his character?
7)When Rolo was talking to Shirley, Shirley says some keywords then Rolo changed, it wasn't a hate expression, but more like a shocked expression, not his raepface killing expression.
8)When Shirley mentioned Nunally, Rolo used his Geass, he took a sudden deep breath, then he used Geass, it isn't due to Nunally.
9)When Nunally was mentioned, there's a small time lag, just like Rolo used his geass for something else... perhaps... somebody was walking up to Shirley from behind.
10)If Rolo really wanted to kill Shirley, why did he use Geass? He's a skilled assassin, and Shirley is just a normal girl, it wouldn't take much effort to kill her.