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Hey /a/

Davis Motomiya here, and MAN am I pissed off. Get this:

So I'm hanging out on the beach being the totally awesome guy that I am, and I get this message from hot-ass Kari (Man I am so gonna get with that). She's all like "OMGWTF U GAIS NEED 2 GET 2 COLORADO," and I'm thinking this is some kinda pussy quest or something, like if I can make it to Colorado, I'm gonna get some action, right?

Well, I get there, and what do I find by Kari with TK (if he here a digimon, his name would be fagamon, and he'd digivolve to geneshalitmon) and some new queer named Willis. So I'm like "What's with the invite to the sausage party?" and she comes back with "BLABLABLA SAVE THE WORLD." Whatever. Maybe if I save the damn day AGAIN I'll get some play, right?

So we find this digimon that is totally bent on ruining our shit, and we're fighting it, and we're getting our asses handed to us. As if that wasn't bad enough, then the thing starts bending damn TIME because he's so strong, and we're thinking "What the hell is this?! What are we gonna do??" Then something stupid happened with Veemon (I don't really remember, I was too busy staring at Kari's ass), and we win.

Here's the real ass burner, though: All this turns out to be Willis's fault because he's a failure of a wannabe 31337 HAXXX0R that tried to make his own digimon and got owned by a virus. So this retard knows how to make a digimon from scratch, but doesn't know how to update his security software?

So I give the kid a boot in the junk, but then Kari gets her panties in a wad, and now there's no chace of anything happening. I'm ready to turn on Veemon just to get some action.

tl;dr: Willis is a fag, Kari is a bitch, I'm blueballing, and I need advice.

PS: Hey Gary.