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What. The. Fuck.

I just finished this today (slowpoke, 10 years, etc) and I've got a couple of questions I need /a/ to clarify

1: What is Lain? A god that resides in both the real world and the wired?
2: When Lain enters the Wired, is she just sitting in front of her computer browsing TEH INTERNETS or does she actually go into an alternate reality?
3: What's the objective of her "family"? Do they even exist in the real world or are they just part of Lain's memories?
4: What happened to Lain's sister?
5: Were the people dancing in Cyberia just a hallucination? Taro plays track 44 to get Alice and her friends to "see" Lain, right?
6: Who was evil Lain, how can she exist in the real world together with Lain? Or was that also a hallucination?
7: Was Lain gay for Arisu?