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I saw this comment through the massive shit piles that are known as Youtube comments and it got me thinking.

>naruto doesnt suck, if it did then it still wudnt be playing

Of course we can already tell this is more than likely a narutard from his horrible grammar and spelling. However, why is it that people think that Naruto is a pretty damn good anime? It really seems like it doesn't have anything special about it compared to other generic shounen, yet it is very popular. Naruto also has a fanbase that has a more than a normal share of those bastards that you just want yell, "HIDE YOUR FUCKING POWER LEVELS YOU FAGGOT" to. So my questions to you, /a/ : Why is Naruto so popular? Why is the fanbase so god damned annoying here in the USA? Why do they stick with this shit after so many episodes?

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