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This will be an anime as soon as it's released.

Cory's Kingdom Part One: Black Warrior Fallen

In 2007, Nintendo and Disney joined forces to produce an epic-scale, Jacksonian RPG based upon Disney Channel's "Cory in the House." It is the first installment in the Cory Sage, which is intended to be a cinematic exploration of rich lore within Cory's world. The game will take place in a parallel kingdom (featuring heavy fantasy influences) surrounding the White House. Essentially Washington D.C. with monsters roaming Pennsylvania Avenue, bandits and slavers traversing the East Coast highways, and various magical devices, spells, and civilizations standard in the genre. There will also be space battles, a White House supply shop, and a full party of characters to use in battle. Kyle Massey will perform the voicework himself, including battle cries and separate dialog trees for each of the game's twelve endings. The game is due to release in early 2009.

I will post further information in a moment.