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The secret to all of the cancer lies in one issue.


Kanokon has destroyed 4chan.

Why is this? It's actually rather simple. Unlike most casual anime watchers with a brain, who are fine with posting under anonymity and watching Code Geass, people who watch Kanokon usually feel some need to post screencap after screencap, trying to make it more popular than it really is. Why this is done is completely lost to me, but once it takes place, fur faggotry is soon to follow, and instead of being good anon and posting, they instead seek fapping material. So instead of keeping quiet and lurking, they feel the need to go "POST MORE PUFFY VULVA PLEASE YOU'RE BUTIFUL ROFLxD."

Also, notice every cancer filled board talks about nothing but "Kanokon" or "Man that Kouta is one hot shota".


If only watchers of Kanokon went with a more "when in rome" mentality and stayed hidden, THIS BOARD WOULD BE 100% BETTER.

tl;dr Keep personal info offline.