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The secret to all of the cancer lies in one issue.


Women have destroyed 4chan.

Why is this? It's actually rather simple. Unlike most male users with a brain, who are fine with posting under anonymity, women usually feel some need to reveal their gender to either garner attention or prove a point. Why this is done is completely lost to me, but once it takes place, entire threads are veered off course when the lonely male users, seeking validation from females began to ask things like "would you fuck me" and the underage users, who might have otherwise kept quite and lurked, feel the need to go "POST TITS PLEASE YOUR BUTIFUL XD."

Also, notice every cancer filled board talks about nothing but "My girlfriend this." or "I post tits if XXXX"


If women played along more, went with a more "when in rome" mentality and stayed hidden, THIS BOARD WOULD BE 100% BETTER.

tl;dr Keep personal info offline.