Dear Lelou,

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I'm shocked.
I'm still reeling.
To think that you, Lelou are Zero!
I haven't told anyone yet because I want to meet and hear it in person.
You'll tell me everything, won't you Lelou?
I'm sure there must be some reason, isn't there?
I can wait. It would be great if we could talk face to face, but if it has to be over the phone then that's fine too.
I want to hear it straight from your mouth.
Why did you become Zero? Why did you form the Black Knights? Why did my father have to die? That's what got me thinking.
My father died, and then the war, Britannia, Eleven.
But it all just makes my head spin, and in the end, I can't think straight.
But the thing is, there is something I do understand. And that is that there are no simple answers. It's not so easy to just say what's right and what's wrong. And that's why I want to hear it from you.
Lelou, why did you become Zero?