ITT, Similarities between CCS and SC

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- Both titles only have Cs and Ss at the beginning
- Both main leads are supposed to like someone (Sakura to Yukito because of his aura, Amu to Ikuto because of his Humpty Key; if you remove the "Y" from "Yukito" you can spell "Ikuto"), however, both like someone else
- The best friend (perspectively) of the main character is similar
- Both main leads wear many different outfits; moreso than the rest of the characters
- Both anime are set in a school setting
- Both main characters are the same age at the start of the series (10 years old)
- Eriol (CCS) and Kairi (SC) have similar character designs, and both are believed to be evil at the beginning from the viewer, but turn out to be good at the end

Add more if you can think of any.