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Hello /a/

I require your help to find the title of an old anime series (or movie) that I was watching when I was a child.

The anime had a space theme, i remeber watching huge spaceships in it. I don't remember if the fighters had mecha-like transform capabilities.

Now I will describe you a scene I remember.

There is a space station in low orbit above a planet, almost inside the clouds of it's atmosphere. The station is vertically built, has a narrrow bottom and a large discus-like command module on the top, with windows on it that are covered when the discus kinda collapses. The actual scene now.

We see a ship of the enemies (?), at the same planet, some distance from the station (we cannot see the station from there, so I assume its kinda far) opening a cargo door on its back. Inside there are mines stacked in special holds. The mines look like heads, or skulls. Twin red eyes, a mouth-like construct. The ship releases the mines, and they start moving on their own, seeking targets. One mine goes after the ship that released them and destroys it. The mines spread out, looking for targets.

Later on, we see one of those mines, that finds the station mentioned above. The next part, i don't remember well, but the people inside the station ( a woman among them) see the mine approaching in the radar and start collapsing the roof to cover the windows. The mine launches missiles from it's mouth (not sure about that) that somehow fail to hit the station. I believe a main character destroys them in a fighter. Then the mine starts accelerating on a collision course with the station, that is still collapsing its roof. An explosion happens (not sure) andthe female character gets injured. Our hero docks at the station (at a large platform at the bottom part) and takes the injured woman with him.

That's all I remember /a/. Any help would be appreciated.

Picture obviously unrelated.