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So, I recently watched 3 series, and am looking for something to watch next. The three were Shigofumi, My-Otome, and Scrapped Princess. I thought Shigofumi and Scrapped Princess were well rounded, and the 12 episode and 26 episode format worked well for each respectively. I felt each had a well rounded amount of characters, and developed them while still being able to move the plot along.

My-Otome on the other hand, I had a few issues with. I felt for 1 it had an overabundance of characters, and kept introducing them right up until the final episode. Because of such a wide variety, I was overall displeased with the characters. I also felt the show was slow and often got side tracked from the plot, and found the story getting forced and rushed towards the end. I think maybe the 50 episode format would have been a better fit for the show. (What I said here also goes for the OVA... I think an increase in length would have helped.) Now, don't get me wrong, I liked My-Otome, it just felt like it could have been developed more. I also felt like the end was too much like the LOL-RESET ending of My-Hime.

After this long rant, and based on the comparisons between how the 3 shows were developed, any suggestions for another series?