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/a/, I think Pokemon is a great show. It is definitely the best anime to come out of Japan in the last 10 years. I don't see why everyone bad mouths it so much. It doesn't deserve ANY of the hate it gets. It has undisputedly the greatest romance in anime history- Ash and Pikachu's love has touched my heart on numerous occasions. Ash struggle to catch them all before Gary. And the supporting cast is superb. Brock the lecherous pokemon breeder is my favorite comic relief character of all time, and he can be serious too! I think it was a VERY courageous decision on the part of Satoshi Tajiri to make a lecherous monk character. And Misty's missing Togepi, so good. And Charizard! Charizard is the best villain EVER. He's so sadistic, evil, and cool. He'll stop at nothing to get away from his pokeball. And Mudkip. Mudkip, is not only the coolest guy in all anime, he's a really deep anti-hero character. But there's one that stands out above all- The Hero. Ash. Ash is my favorite character in anything I've ever watched or read. He can be hillarious, loving and fierce all in one episode. And he's got such a beautifully drawn red hat. And his pokedex is so cute, I just want to steal it from him everytime I hear it. And he has such an awesome bike. And his cool backpack. And his pokeballs are the coolest anime weapons ever, greatballs! I think the reason that people hate pokemon is because it was written by a guy, and they're just sad they'll never write anything as good as Pokemon.