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Okay /a/ Lets get down to it

Untill last monday I had not watched anime for 4 years, a friend kept nagging me to try watching them again and ya know what I did. I watched the first few episodes of Onmyō Taisenki and I actually had a highly decent time.

Then on the horribly poor advise of someone on /a/ I watched Koutetsu Sangokushi

I nearly threw up, it was everything that made me stop watching anime in the first place

The ridiculously strong main characters cutting through a sea of nameless minions, weapons that could never be wielded in real life, and Self obessed emo pretty boys who don't know how the world work

So what do I do /a/, I honestly have a rekindled interest in fine animation of the land of the rising sun, but Koutetsu Sangokushi almost put me off the whole genre

Can someone suggest some more animes I might actually like?