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Code Geass is set a couple decades in the future from GaoGaiGar. First of all, Sakuradite is obviously a remnant of G-stones. After GGG disappeared from this dimension (BAAAAWWWW) the organizations like BioNet (Remember them?) began to fight with other governments, and Britain seized the opportunity to reestablish their empire. It thus became Britannia, and gained a monopoly through conquering most of the world on Sakuradite/G-stones. Obviously, Mamoru granted the "Geass" power as a remnant of one of the color planets that we saw in GaoGaiGar. The Geass symbol people we saw a flash of in S1 are most likely from the Green Planet, like Mamoru. Thus, Mamoru is around 30 or so right now, and his appearance will be epic.

Not only that, the idea of Zero GATTAI'ing his new mech with Kallen's and them pulling the Soldat J + Renais epic duo thing is fucking awesome.