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Dear /a/

I am a depressed Weeaboo. That's right, and I know I'm going to get flamed to hell and back, but I don't care, hopefully I will get a few suggestions overlooking my weeabooness.

This past week I finished both Eva and Death Note, hence my depression. I've seen a fair amount of anime's that ended depressingly, but these 2 took the cake for some reason. Just personal taste and opinion I suppose.

I call myself a Weeaboo because yes, I like shonen jump anime, even naruto and bleach. No, they are not even close to the best anime ever, but I enjoy watching them because they are mind numbing and make me giggle at times.

Anyways, my question is just... Anything you could recommend that ends happily ever after? Maybe something funny even (but not lucky stars ffs, I know I know, just... I don't like it ok?).

tl;dr : I just need some cheering up.

(pic semi-related)