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I roll over in bed and check the box, for the third time tonight. Two. We're down to two cartridges.

The house has been...silent, empty, ever since the funeral. We never really did talk much anyway, but Hayate's chatter and smiles filled our lives with colour. Now that she's gone, nothing seems to hold much meaning to us any more.

I miss Hayate. I miss her - our friends, too. Nanoha... seems like that battle happened just yesterday. With our forces pinned down from all directions, we would never even have a chance to retreat if not for her.

And Fate, too. Left on a routine investigation, and vanished without a trace. Her file still reads missing, but when Bardiche shut himself down, we knew for sure. Admiral Chrono - the youngest ever at 25, never leaves his quarters. And we were never too close to Yuuno, I guess he still works in that library of his.

Hayate knew. If Signum knew, she never said a word. The painful truth was that with the Book gone, Hayate was the only thing keeping us alive, allowing us to manifest, sustaining us with her life force. I still wonder why she did it. Perhaps I'll never understand her.

Two cartridges. We've each only got a few days more, and only two of us will have a few more, after that. I wonder if I'll wake up tomorrow. I wonder if I want to wake up...

Good night, Graf Eisen...