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ATTN Britfags: Keep the Fuck out, and go enjoy your police state.

Sup, it's now the fourth of July in The fascist state of England, god bless America that our Supreme court made it to where we CAN'T become England.

So, lets get to it, on this day in history, in 1776, our founding fathers set us free from the British Empire, the Untitled kingdom attempted to make us summit, and burned our capital to the ground, but even with our capital destroyed, they could never defect one thing the United States had: We the people. Today we are 300 million strong, and while we continue to enjoy our freedoms, while the British continues to strip their citizens of their rights, including the right to bear arms, the right to the freedom of speech, and even the right of self defense.

Now post some motherfucking Patriotic, Stars n Stripes, progun posters, and/or anti-British shit, we shall rejoice the day the Queen is over throw and our fatherland is freed