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[quote="jdmartin"]As you can see, I've got some of the pump-prayers in my signature, having reported on this phenomenon a number of months ago.

I find it ridiculous and disgusting that so-called "Christians" (or Jews, or Muslims, or whoever else wants to do it, but so far it's Christians) spend their energy praying for God to lower gasoline prices so that they won't have to pay so much money. Of all the things one could pray for if you were so inclined to believe in God/a God: world peace, end to starvation, help for the desperate poor, cures for awful diseases, reparation of the environment, etc - you're going to pray for cheaper gas prices?

I imagine that if God is so, and in the fashion Christians make him out to be, he's pretty disappointed with the requests people make in his name. :roll:[/quote]


"DO NOT PRAY! If you pray, your hands will close together. You will not be able to fight!"

- Guts