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Chapter 506: Roger and Raleigh
Coverstory: The day to leave the hospital

Bepo is taking out the marines gracefully.
Bepo: You're new, so you're under me, ok!?

Law and company arrives where Kid is at too.
Kid is already getting ready to fight Kuma.
Law: ...It seems today is the day where I keep coming across unexpected big shots.
I don't want to come across an Admiral either, you will let us through, Bartholomew Kuma!

The scene changes to the Strawhats. They arrive at the rip-off Bar.
Everyone' surprised to learn that Raleigh was Roger's first mate. Sanji asks "Why didn't you get caught?"

Raleigh: Roger wasn't caught... he gave himself in. The World Government may have released to the public as if they had caught him, just to show their strength to the world. About 4 years before that day of execution....Roger was diagnosed with an incurable disease.
Even the mighty Roger suffered greatly at the disease that no one could cure or delay. But then, Crocus of the Twin Point, who was both a renouned lighthouse keeper and a doctor, knew the way to ease the pain. We asked him to come with us for our last sail, and 3 years later, while maintaining Roger's life... we finally achieved what was said to be impossible: The completion of Grand Line.