faggot sagefag gaia butthurt Narutard faggot

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>I'll be honest, the sagers in One Piece threads annoy me.

>But you know what else annoys me?

>The faggots who try to respond to them. I've noticed this a lot where someone has said "SET FAIL" and saged the thread and then some idiot has responded to them saying "GO AWAY. ONE PIECE IS AWESOME".

>This is adding fuel to the fire. I check Naruto and Bleach threads and the sagers don't even get responded to.. Resulting in less SAGE.

>I also remember a One Piece thread in the past which was going well, and then some cock decides to say "I love One Piece, it's without a doubt one of the best manga of all time. It shits all over most stuff". A shit storm occurred.

>So guys.. Don't be so fucking stupid..

These are the words of a faggot sagefag gaia butthurt Narutard faggot.

Are you a faggot sagefag gaia butthurt Narutard faggot?