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"Hnnggg.." Densuke's breathing was shakey and shallow as he struggled to get free. Pinned under Kirika's lucious hips pushed against his chest as her thick, full cheeks brushed against his chin. "S-stop.. Please, let me g-go.." he pleaded to deaf ears, her only response was a devlish grin while he could actually see her clenching to keep the dangerous gasses inside of her slowly bloating gut. Though he was throbbing hard and Kirika's soft touch stroked the pitched tent he didn't want to be in this position at all; he knew what was coming and it terrified him. Between her deep, sensuous groans she giggled darkly. Her mammoth breasts slowly being pushed apart by the fleshy globular dome inflaing beneath and between them.
"It's comin', Densuke!" she yelled out gleefully, the mounting pressure becoming harder and harder to hold back. Her tight asshole quivered in resistance as tears ran down his cheek, positioning herself furthur back to plant his poor face between her deliciously plump ass. "NNnnnoooo!" he let out one last whine as she let loose a horrendous orchestra; lengthy warm gusts of hot air belting against his face between her spasming cheeks as she moaned in blissful release. He wept quietly, accepting his torment from such a beautiful butt.