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Anyone translating this shit yet?


The Book

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 4th Another Day

* by Otsu Ichi
* published by Shueisha

Epically long in the writing, Otsu Ichi is such a giant Jojo's fan that he wrote countless drafts, scrapping them completely in favor of new plot after new plot till he found one that lived up to the original.
The result is some sort of twisted masterpiece. Otsu Ichi's writing style could not be less like Araki's, yet he manages some sort of unholy fusion of the two, both a novel that is distinctively his, but populated with characters, situations, and dialogue that is authentic Araki crazytime.
Cross cutting between three stories - a woman trapped in a gap between two buildings, unable to call for help, and pregnant; the Jojo's characters investigating the death of a woman apparently killed in a car crash...indoors; and the life of the first woman's baby, with a photographic memory that eventually manifests itself into a stand known only as The Book.
He manages to wrap all this up with both classic Jojo's knock down drag out bone crunching strategitastic Stand battles and classic Otsu Ichi brain curdling chill inducing plot twists.
Hope of this coming out here someday is yet another reason why everyone with a pulse needs to go pick up Jojo's Bizarre Adventure now.
Andrew Cunningham