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I get it now, /a/. Why the hate for Makoto began. Besides everyone gleefully boarding the Internet Hate Train.

You see yourselves too much in him. Not those unrealistic pieces--no, life doesn't work that way. It's the rash, pig-headedness. The impatience. The insecurity and anxiety that goes along with the bizarre impulses of seeing a girl and immediately picturing her naked. The clumsy way you would attempt to hold her or kiss her or more, not really knowing or caring of her feelings, out of intent or pure innocent negligence. The fatigue of attempting time and again to break down the walls of their hearts while crumbling your own, only to get frustrated. That awkward and embarrassing, mortifying first time in bed where she refuses to let you turn on the lights. You barely say words to one another--just raspy breathing and the crowning sense of disillusion as you realize it's absolutely nothing like you've seen or been told about.

All the awkward, pre-teen/teenaged anxieties and troubles are bottled up into Makoto Itou. And /a/ is utterly embarrassed to admit that once upon a time, perhaps even for a brief moment, /a/ was that person, stumbling along and not knowing what the holy fuck was going on. And it galls you, so of course you'd want it dead.

It really is a Nice Boat, isn't it, /a/?