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How to get ACTUAL scores of games.

Want to get the real average? Well take how many sales it had and divide that by the number of sales the best selling game of that generation sold (Halo 3's 8.1 million for example). Then you multiply that by its metacritic score, now you got the real score, un biased, even the biggest troll can not say it's biased(Sure there is a problem with people buying before renting/testing it out somewhere but only idiots do that anyway). In that respect

- Halo 3 would be 94%
- MGS4 would be 17%, which is what it actually deserves.
- Super Mario Galaxy would be 73%
- Dead Rising would be 15%
- Super Smash Brothers Brawl would be 56%
- GTA4 would be 55%
- Uncharted would be 13%
- Mario Party 8 would be 37%
- Ratchet and Clank would be 11%

See whats happening, the games that were known to be "overrated" no longer are, they get there real scores. Halo 3 deserved a 94, MGS4 deserved a 17, etc etc.

Picture shows what I mean, "professional reviewers" gave them the same score but one is clearly better than the other two (see above).