Stages of Evolution

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Grossly oversimplified, also remember that many people never leave their level.

Level 0. Hater
Despite knowing next to nothing about the matter, despises everything connected to manga, anime, and usually all of Japanese culture. Loves to make fun of anime fans - some of them feel deeply hurt by that, the rest doesn't give a shit.

Level 1. 'Narutard'
Then finally he is persuaded to watch something - usually an 'entry-level' anime like Bleach or Naruto. Becomes hooked, tries to 'convert' everyone, tells them how wonderful his beloved anime/all anime in general is; watches more and more, becomes a full-blown weeaboo, calls himself 'otaku', picks up a few Japanese words like 'baka' and 'kawaii', etc.
Feels 'deeply hurt' by the insults of people tro

Level 2. 'Otaku'
As he watches/reads more, he acquires some personal tastes. Actually starts to distinguish between good and bad anime. Begins to understand that some cases may be lost, but still advocates anime often, using better arguments (i.e. pointing out good shows, not trying to prove how much DBZ kicks LotR's ass).

Level 3. 'Anime? What is this?'
Then, after a lot of time wasted, he finally is able to admit that most anime IS shit - and that it's not a reason to stop watching it. Finally sees that it's best not to try to convert anyone; in fact, it's best to suppress one's powerlevel and never admit he watches anime.

How many of you actually have undergone evolution similar to this?
I consider myself to be somewhere between level 2 and 3.

Also, I wonder how changes in attitude towards hentai, lolicon, and weird fetishes are depedent on position on that axis.