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/a/ - I watched Beast with a Billion Backs the other day. The film was, overall, an enjoyable experience (save for Fry's constant BAAAWIng). But the one thing it did have was gratuitous amounts of space tentacle raep monsters from another universe. Those scenes kept my eyes glued at my monitor, unable to look away. And while I watched the tentacles make sweet, sweet love to all of mankind, for some strange reason I started to think about anime.

After watching BwBB, I felt a bit nostalgic. It occurred to me that it's been quite a while since I've seen a full length anime movie come out. Indeed many months have gone by since I last had my mind assaulted by one of those crazy nips cartoons.

Have any good anime movies come out recently? And I'm not talking about movies of TV shows like Clanned or Eva. or yet another Lupin heist. Something totally new. Something unique. Something I haven't seen before.

what has /a/ got for me?