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>Nina Einstein

Voiced by: Saeko Chiba (Japanese), Kim Mai Guest (English)

Nina Einstein (ニーナ・アインシュタイン, Nīna Ainshutain?) is introduced as a bookish member of the student council at Ashford Academy. Nina demonstrates an acute xenophobic reaction to Elevens and is initially intimidated by Suzaku when he arrives in the school. She develops an intense (almost obsessive) crush on the Third Princess Euphemia after the latter helps her during a traumatizing hostage incident at the Lake Kawaguchi Convention Center Hotel. She subsequently comes to rely on Euphemia for emotional support. Lloyd Asplund is interested in Nina's personal research into the possibility of using Uranium-235 as a fuel.

I've been wondering about this since season 1 of CG ...
but, are they implying that some how they skipped nuclear physics in their technological development?

You have Radiation Wave being used as a wtf weapon, but you some how skipped nuclear power?

Its almost basic physics! What have they been using so far? Steam power?

Did I miss understand this? Perhaps?