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From what I've seen, a lot of the complaints ("get rid of Ashford!" and such) seem to be focused rather majorly on removing the elements that prevent Geass from turning into yet another war drama starring a teen boy who falls into the cockpit of a super prototype - in other words, what keeps it from being straight-up Gundam and, IMO, as boring as watching paint dry. For the eleventh time or so.

What makes me like Geass is the fact that the characters actually matter. Let's not lie to ourselves here: you could probably switch any UC Gundam protagonist with any other and the series would play out exactly the same. Lelouch, however, is vastly different from your usual mecha hero, and both his cunning method of fighting and his personal drama help make the series more than it would be with your Joe Average Real pilot in his place.

I'm well aware that none of this is going to change your opinions. I just wanted to say how I feel regarding all this.