Lucky Star

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It was discovered that 4Kids had been planning to license Lucky Star as one of their shows. The show would have cut out all Japanese references and Kotana's gaming habit because "It would have been a bad influence to children.

The "plot" would have the four main characters being boy-crazy and going on adventures in life and school which they would learn a moral at the end of each show. The names as always would have been Americanized, which part of the list with the names of only the four main characters has been leaked and the two characters from Lucky Channel (which would have been become a Sailor Moon Says-like segment at the end.)

Konata Izumi- Mackenzie Anderson

Kagami Hiiragi- Hailey Patterson

Tsukasa Hiiragi- Brook Patterson

Miyuki Takara- Briana Morgan

Akira Kogami- Madeline Bell

Minoru Shiraishi- Cameron Phillips

Like the other shows on the list however, it was soon dropped and picked up by Bandai.