End of Macross Frontier spoilers

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Sheryl: Alto, wait up!
Alto: Oh, Sheryl [Tries to hide present]
Grace: Something smells good!
Elmo: Ranka's busy, but I'll take these to her. Mmmmmm...
Ozma: I bet you will - no way! You'll eat the whole thing yourself!
Elmo: I resent that! I'm on a diet!
Sheryl: So...umm...Alto? Are you going to the concert with anybody? I mean...not that it matters to me...just wondering...
Alto: No, I want to be available in case Ranka is free afterwards...
Sheryl: Oh...I see...Ranka, huh?
[Alto squirms]
Sheryl: It's ok...
Alto: You're not mad at me Sheryl?
Sheryl: No, of course not. Now get in there and say 'hi' to Ranka for me.
Alto: Thanks Sheryl...
Grace: The least you could do for us is leave the cookies!
Alto: [smiles] I'll tell you what. I'll have Ranka make some special ones just for you. [goes in to see Ranka]
Sheryl: I'll be waiting...thanks...
Grace: You know what Sheryl?
Sheryl: What?
Grace: You've really grown up.