/a/ in a nutshell:

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-half of the board filled with discussion topics on all the shitty new anime this season
-half of those new season topics will consist of some show that /a/ has fallen in love with (but in reality it's just as shitty as the rest).
-a quarter of the threads will consist of the same, overpopular shit that discussed on every other anime board and forum out there (e.g. higurashi, lucky star, suzumiya haruhi, etc.)
-a couple of threads will consist of daily reposts and failed memes.
-a thread or two that consists of a retard asking if x show is good or requesting some anime recommendations.
-a couple of threads where 1 person is dumping a bunch of old pictures that everyone already has duplicates of.
-some threads where someone posts a manga / doujinshi page and doesn't provide the source.