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Hey there, /a/. I'm a counselor at a day camp. Shitty summer job, parents want me to get out of the basement and help pay for my education, etc.

Anyway, I overheard a group of preteen girls talking about Hannah Montana or something. But then, one of the girls mentions something else.

"Oh, by the way Chelsea, have you played Fuko's route yet?"

"Yeah, that route is sooo lame! I hate how you have to play all the dumb routes to get the true After Story!"

Wait, what? Is my brain just being a f/a/g due to lack of sleep, or are these preteen girls having a chat session about a visual novel?

So, now wondering if I'd finally gone insane or something, I walk up and ask "What are you girls talking about?" But they just giggle, say "hehe, we're not talkin' about anything~" and walk away.

So, did I just come face to face with underage b&? Face to face with a mental projection of my problems on to these little girls? What does /a/ think?