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Neither of them could blame the sake. The large brown bottle stood half full on the small oak table, innocently serving as an unaware mediator for loose tongues and latent desires. They had misplaced the cap in a foolish moment where hands collided accidentally, meeting for just a brief moment allowing both of their blushing faces and averted eyes to connect. He could still feel the lace from the gloved hand etched on his fingertips. They sat hunched over in an awkward silence amidst the partially tidy storage room, unable to move as they stared at one another unblinking. However, moments like this can never stay frozen for long as the inebriated inhabitants were no longer concerned. Their empty glasses had now served the purpose of giving the two anxious bodies an excuse for the unexpected moment; which unraveled faster than the corset strings that gave the small calloused fingers a bit of frustration and impatience as they twiddled wildly at the silken barrier.