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So it's newfag summer for an eternity, moot agreed don't bother him about it. But that doesn't mean we can't make bearable for both the veterans and new comers.

Read the 4chan FAQs. Learn how to use all the other functions on 4chan, namely noko, sage and delete posts. It is essential.

Download Not 4chan grab ( and the 4chan extension (link in the FAQ.) For those of you who have Fire fox, get the nightly tester to make them all compatible with the FF3 (

Learn to where to get anime and manga. Asking for anime on /a/ is retarded and will likely get you insults or inane answers such as "lol japan" or "Google motherfucker, do you use it?" Here are some sites you can use to find what you are looking or. (Some hate it because it reduces the quality of the scans but for those who want to read manga online this is a good choice)

You can also try for torrents and Animesuki, though thats frowned upon by some.