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>>Hoero Pen is the story of renowned mangaka named Moyoru Honou and how he tries to come up with pages for all of his mangas. Honou is quite passionate about his books — so passionate that it even burns in his name. He is willing to go face up against an assassin, rewrite his manga in the middle of a bank heist, and even go on a duel just to protect his work. His love for his craft is amazing at the same time humbling. Just when you think that you know it all about manga, this guy just draws you back and shows you that you can never love manga enough. He will tell you to draw even if it won’t get published. He will tell you to protect your work even if it meant losing your life. He will tell you to read manga even if you think it’s crap because eventually you will see its soul.

I want to read this so badly.

ITT: Things that will never be scanlated and that you're almost willing to learn Japanese for.