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Hey /a/ Im looking for help to find a very old anime that I watched when I was really young around 1995+/- time, it was a racing anime with Formula 1-3 type cars.

I vaguely remember the story being the main character trying to work up the ladder to the top in F1 whatever so he can race and beat his rival. The car he drove was really colorful but I dont fully remember the colors it had, but it did have a variety of red/green/yellow. Whilst the antagonist had a black/red car and was super rich.

Scenes I always remember was the main character preparing for a big race, and hes running around the track taking notes of every corner etc, and when it came to the race it was a close race but then he did this wtflol move where he elavated and got his arms out like a bird and flew pass the cars infront.

Not sure whether it was a film/ova or series but I watched it twice I think and each time was about 1hr or so. This is the last anime Im trying to find from my childhood and its really been bugging me for a while.