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My name's Matt and I'm a reformed anime downloader. There was a time, not too long ago, when I rushed home from school to check the progress of my torrents with all the thrill of opening gifts on Christmas morning. I compiled series after series, put them on CD and even made my own labels for them with photoshop. But it was a speech made at AnimeFest in Texas by Greg Ayres that got me to stop. I didn't understand just what effect I had been having on the Region 1 industry by joining the ranks of other downloaders out there. The industry was ailing and like a distracted medieval physician asked for a second opinion I was just prescribing more blood-letting. Since then I've reformed and have been buying more and more of the series I had downloaded on legit DVDs. I want to help the anime industry continue here in the US. Anime is an immersive, vibrant, fascinating art form from a culture that, as an outsider, I will never fully understand. But understand the Japanese or not, I love the art form they've created and I want it to continue and I understand that the best way to do that is the buy the DVDs, watch the shows on television, watch the shows via sanctioned websites, etc. There is a group (perhaps an all too quiet group) who do want to support the shows we enjoy.