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Hello /b/.

I am selling items from my Gaia Online account. I've been using Gaia for a few years now, but not anymore. These items have inflated insane.

I am worth: 3,494,899 Gold
Estimated with known marketplace values on 30 June 2008 (

some notable items:
Name Value
Demonic Pitchfork 569,236
Demonic Pendant 504,734
Thank You Letter For July 2006 440,358
Thank You Letter For July 2006 440,358
Goti Clips 369,500
CoCo Kitty Plushie 330,424
Lunar Cloak 158,086
ZONY Discman 126,686
Whip of Fire 83,278
Winter Rose 56,659
RoRo Robo-Puppy 56,000
Aquatica 53,898
Fairy Wings 40,000
Sno Yeti Pillow Plush(chillin') 32,113
Winter Fox Mink 30,575
Ducky 25,000
if interested, please reply with your gaia username and email.

i accept paypal only.