/a/ is comprised of only twelve people.

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Person 1: Loves Lucky Star, Haruhi, and anything done by KyoAni; hates pretty much all anime not done by KyoAni. Spams Lucky Star thread to create drama and hear the sagers bitch. Enemy of person 2

Person 2: Absolutely hates KyoAni and would do anything to see them fall off the face of the Earth. Believes Haruhi and Lucky Star are the absolutely worst anime ever created and is not afraid to express his opinion. Enemy of person 1

Person 3: The nostalgia master; believes every anime made after 2000 is absolute shit, or at least sub-par. Likes to make threads of now anime used to be deeper than the ones created today. Dislikes person 1

Person 4: The stubborn person who refuses to believe that there is a better anime series than Evangelion. Trapped in nostalgia due to Neon Genesis Evangelion being his first anime and haven’t enjoyed another anime as much since. Dislikes person 1; likes person 3 to a extent