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-Assuming the Geass Canceller is activated at will, and its effect is a one-shot thing (i.e., not a constant effect, like a force field) then it's completely useless against Rolo's ZA WARUDO, just like Lelouch's geass. Lelouch will probably find this out and exploit it to get rid of Orange.

-Shirley regaining her memories means shit, since pretty much everyone that knows Lelouch's identity still think he hasn't regained his memories and that the current Zero is someone else. When Shirley breaks and confronts Lelouch, Suzaku, being the naive faggot he is, will tell her that she shouldn't blame Lelouch for what he did because he lost his memories etc,etc. Lelouch's plans remain unaffected, and Shirley becomes an unimportant character until 5 or 6 Eps. later when she finds out Lelouch regained his memories and she dies or someone else messes with her mind again.