CG R2 spoilers

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* Nunnally knew all along who killed their mother.
* Kallen will leave the order of black knights.
* C.C will die but will be resurrected by Marianne
* That means Marianne isnt dead.
* Marianne is one of the most powerful of her kind, C.C and V.V and the others in a different world then ours (remember flashbacks).
* Charly is after the ultimate geass to control the whole world, he wants submission from European union, the Chinese federation and Indian army)
* Nina will be behind the loss of many lives in Ashford academy, possible victim might be either Cecile or Milley.
* Shirley will recover from her forgetting, at least she will understand that something went horrible between her and Lelouch.
* Suzaku might get a geass from V.V.
* Most importantly Euphemia might be just saved by V.V. (The princess who owned everyone in area 11 “Japan”).

This spoiler list was written before the R2 aired.