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I want Louise to dominate me. While she is stepping on my balls with her high heels, she will force me to take out her bloody tampon using only my teeth. She will then get fucked by 3 black guys while she forces me to watch. Her moans and pleasure will get me me aroused but I can't get a boner (because she put a tiny cage around my cock). The black men will laugh and humiliate me because I was forced to crossdress while all this occurs. After the black men have unleashed their loads inside Louise, she will walk up to me and force me to lick the cum out of her vagoo. The black men's cum starts dribbling down my face and onto my dress as I am licking Louise's swollen pussy like the dog I am. Afterwards she will beat the shit out of me for not adequately satisfying her. After a long night of being degrading, humiliated, and tortured I will be forced to sleep on the ground; in the nude. I will be cold, tired, and hungry but I don't care because I love Louise.