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Holy shit

Catalog No.: BCXA-17
Format: Blu-ray
Number of discs (or other units): 4
Release Date: July 25, 2008
Price: 28000yen (approx $259.36 USD)
Purchase through CD Japan or Amazon.

Description: Blu-ray release of legendary anime OVA series “Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.” includes the features “The Laughing Man,” “Individual Eleven,” and “Solid State Society” plus bonus disc with 180 minutes of bonus footage including the features “Tachikoma na Hibi” (new feature), “Section 9 Science File Extra Tachikoma na Hibi” (”The Laughing Man” ver), “Section 9 Science File Extra Tachikoma na Hibi” (”Individual Eleven” ver), short anime “Uchikoma na Hibi,” “S.A.C. Archive,” “S.A.C. Archive 2,” “Work World File Sakuhin Sekai Tettei Kensho,” “Anime + Car Design Designing The Future Car,” and “Making of Tachikoma Robot - Robo Garage no Chosen.”

Features Tru HD and 5.1 channel Japanese audio tracks, Tru HD and 5.1 channel English audio tracks, and Japanese and English subtitles. Box includes deluxe “S.S.S.” setting guide and special 24-page booklet (details subject to change).