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Sunrise is secretly going to Mai HiME us.

Everyone will be dead except Lelouch standing before his father in their knightmares. Charles shouts "CHECKMATE" but with a burning DOUBLE GEASS Lelouch orders his fallen allies back to life and tears Charles' Sword of Akasha out of the Gurren's head. Kallen, who has gone gold, roars radioactive fire and destroys the pure Sakuradite core--whether she's a branch of the Searrs family or simply attained a serene state of mind while dead is up to debate. The temple begins to shake and shudder, and the geass symbol fades away.
VV says "Oh well, it was fun while it lasted" and CC rolls Nunally away. It turns out his crippled sister was one of them all along.

And then come sequels that are even more fanservice-filled than their progenitor.

Also, in the future Orange dresses like a cowboy and wanders the earth. Should another geass war ever start, he alone knows where the Geass Order's ruins
are and what to do.