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As requested in another thread by anon. I have chosen to speak my story, however sad it may make me.

The story begins one day in history class. I was sitting there (8th grade) reading a manga. I didn't get any shit for it, luckily. So class ended and I stepped out of the room and down the hall to my next class (Home ec, I know I know) and one of the prettiest girls in school walks up to me and tells me how cool she thought it was that I read manga. And I even got a hug. We became friends, who talked a lot and she would always say how nice and different I was from the other, fag asshole guys. And I guess I was. I don’t believe in all this "Women in the kitchen" bullshit, I am a romantic, sap for girls at heart and very shy. And treat them with respect, and kindness. Now the end of school comes, and finally SHE asks me out for a friendly date I guess. I froze, and moments later was dragged away before I could say yes. The next year I went into home school, and even after all this time, I miss what I could have had, one of the nicest, cutest, most intelligent girls in school. And now, I don’t have any way to find her.

This is my story, as requested by an anon. there you have it /a/ you may now call me copypasta, faggot, or anything else you wish. But fuck, I’d give anything just to tell her how I felt all that time ago.