Where is the line between Weeaboo and Nerd

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I've watched a lot of anime, much like everyone here. In countless cases I have been disappointed and let down by endings. So, so very often there is no resolution. Open-ended finale's, mindfucks or just greedy motherfuckers leaving you hanging for the next installment that may or may not ever be made.
The option has always been there, read the manga. my friends tell me to all the time. I've always drawn the line there, reading manga was, in my opinion, where the line between nerd and weeaboo is drawn. For everyone who's crossed it....
Was it worth it? god help me, i want to start reading manga. Can you ever go back? Will I become that faggot who always ruins a movie or series over how it's not as good as the book/manga? Give me some advice /a/