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what did /a/ think of the tower of druaga in general?

i found it quite entertaining, the plot isnt trying to be deep and the characters are largely likeable
animation is of a reasonable quality, though the story is fairly thin there are hints to the depth of the story which will hopefully be filled by the second season
the opening song is good and the animation for it is interesting and seems to bear little relevance to the series except for the characters (no spoilers as such) except for the billboard at the end which appears to display when the second season will air

main disappointment is that the season is only 12 episodes and that theres apparently a year until season two, which pretty much ruins the mood generated by kaayas betrayal of jil, though i will watch the first season again before the second season airs it will not have the same affect

6/10 - definitely worth a watch, not spectacular but enjoyable