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I'm getting my new quad core PC this weekend /a/, and I'm gonna do GL dvdrips for you. (As KAA will have it done at the speed of never). What does /a/ want?

Obviously I'm doing r1 rips (I actually checked and the r1's seem to have a better telecining job anyway...)

I'm thinking of doing MKV+Ac3, with softsubs. I was thinking of muxing in:
1. Bandai's dvd subs, OCR'd with subrip and restyled with a readable font (any recommendations? In before Comic Sans)
2. Original Vobsub/ugly yellow Bandai subs
3. Softsubs from that .ass pack that is floating around /rs/ -- the ones that use Kamina-edited for 1-5 and Anon-edited for 6-15 and BSS-edited for the rest. I personally think Bandai did a fine job with GL, but I could see some people wanting the fansubs.

This sound good? Also, what filesize should I aim for per episode?