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Hello /a/, how have you been? I, the great Ultros, have come to brighten your day once again!...Well, really I'm just here to laugh at your weekly Code Geass "shitstorms," as you call them, but I suppose we could chat a bit as well.

Speaking of Code Geass, the new episode had quite a twist, didn't it? Jeremiah, the same character who's been regarded almost as a comic relief character, possessing an Anti-Geass that can null the effects of other Geass, making him potentially be the most important character yet? Who'd have thought, right? But now "Orange" can finally be seen as not only a threat to Lelouche, but as his rival, his exact opposite. Of course, if they're going to be exact opposites, Lelouche should replace the name "Zero" with a new name that shows it, like "Apple."