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Because I want the person that edited this bullshjt:

>Another crowning moment is Simon's entire Lotus Eater Machine sequence, where it's revealed that not only does he love Kamina more than Nia, but that it's not even for what everyone else looked up to Kamina for, even lacking that quality, Kamina would still be the most important person in the world to Simon. Things only get better when an Afterlife is confirmed, and Kamina's spirit shows up to save Simon.

Into TV tropes to read this: what you posted is pure fanwanking proved wrong by the voice of God in this interview that details the production process of the episode: For starters, the director declared it was never intended to be Simon’s ultimate desire but a world in which he would learn to accept a life without freedom, a world that would crush his hopes and make him accept the Anti-Spiral philosophy. Assistant director Masahiko Ootsuka said Nia was supposed to be as important as Kamina to his life but that an exaggerated or over-the-top inclusion would go against her character and that he considers the fact that it was her chest the one thing Simon had to unlock in order defeat the illusion a good enough symbol of the place she held in his heart. Finally, it wasn’t Kamina’s otherworldly spirit but the Kamina living in Simon’s heart, there is no indication of an afterlife in the Gurren-Lagann mythos.

Please stop posting your own terribly contrived theories as fact, please.